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School PayIt

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School Payit is attempting to innovate the school payments space by providing a seamless solution for transferring payments between parents and school administrators. Parents can log

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Tickets To The City


Tickets to the City is a ticket scanning application. Concert door employees use the application to verify tickets at the door instantaneously. We redesigned and redeveloped

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Park Place

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Park Place is an upscale car dealership in the Dallas Area. They pride themselves on providing top notch service which includes a full suite of technology



EqussHub is a social network and marketplace for the Equine industry. Industry professionals can post industry related news, interact with professionals, and sell products. At different

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Pizza Patrón

Pizza Patrón is a pizza ordering application for the national pizza franchise. You can find a location, and order food right from your mobile phone. I



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WunderHome is a real estate investor sales platform. Its aim is to streamline residential real estate sales and purchases by simplifying the contract process and




HipPocket is a brokerage communication tool and realtor social network. It helps buyers agents connect with sellers agents by streamlining the communication process under a

City Bicycle Co.

City Bicycle Co. is a boutique bicycle shop based out of California. Their attention to design and detail is what sets their brand and products apart


Kung Foodie


Kung Foodie is a recipe discovery application turned into a social game. It allows players to complete health challenges to advance in the game and open