Growth Hound

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Growth Hound helps companies organize their entire growth strategy into a simple process. Growth Hound is a complete project overhaul of Traction Hound. Growth Hound



KickBlockClone is a BlockChain Application inspired by Kickstarter and built using React. I created this as a fun project to learn about how to build

Fan Guru

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Fan Guru is a fan experience mobile and web application focused on fan experience conferences. I was brought in to architect and implement a more


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Door is a technology-enabled full-service real estate brokerage based in Dallas, TX. I worked with senior management, their development team, and our own executive agency



EventMe is an event management application built with React Google Firebase and Firestore. It is a complete application in terms of feature-set, allowing users to

Survey Finder


Survey Finder allows users to select a group of people to send surveys to and receive responses. The application expands my React skills by creating a



Expensify is my first complete React application, built with a Node.js backend and utilizing Google OAuth for user authentication.

School PayIt

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School Payit is attempting to innovate the school payments space by providing a seamless solution for transferring payments between parents and school administrators. Parents can log

Park Place

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Park Place is an upscale car dealership in the Dallas Area. They pride themselves on providing top notch service which includes a full suite of technology

Traction Hound

Traction Hound is a marketing workflow and analytics reporting tool. It allows companies with growth teams to set up marketing experiments more efficiently by setting


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WunderHome is a real estate investor sales platform. Its aim is to streamline residential real estate sales and purchases by simplifying the contract process and



HipPocket is a brokerage communication tool and realtor social network. It helps buyers agents connect with sellers agents by streamlining the communication process under a