What Oodalalee can do for you

Oodalalee specializes in iOS development.   We provide freelance iOS developer services for your most pertinent business operations.  We have mastered our craft over years of entrepreneurial endeavors and freelance projects.  Be assured that if your business operates in the digital world we can help you achieve your business goals with the proper mobile strategy.

Oodalalee’s Other Services

Oodalalee specializes in providing top of the line custom app development solutions for the Android platform.  Here are a few other key skills that we employ in the development of our own mobile applications.

Gamification is applying the elements, techniques, and methodologies used in games to applications.  It is primarily used to bring an essence of entertainment to applications as well as to motivate users to perform certain tasks in setting up tasks/rewards scenarios.  Example could include:
  • Instituting point system to make your application social, competitive, and goal-oriented.
  • Offering a “carrot” in return for completing a necessary task in the application.

Users interact with applications different than they do with a website or even on an tablet.  This is why when creating applications, a seasoned entrepreneur familiar with user design techniques and testing methodologies is pertinent to a successful application.  Our UX techniques are seamless and intuitive.

  • Be sure that an application has correct flow to it
  • The best applications offer a great mix of navigation, value, and branding

Branding is no easy task, but if done correctly, it can help you stand out from competitors.  It can become the voice and soul of your organization.  Color schemes and logo design among others are all under the digital branding umbrella.  It helps create your best professional first impression and a way to engender emotions such as trust or excitement and associate those with your brand.

  • Lean on our knowledge of the industry to craft your strategies
  • Having a mobile strategy in today’s game is not future thinking, its a necessity

Why Choose Us?

  • Flexibility – Get an application developed without hiring an entire development team.
  • Legal Protection – We offer a complimentary NDA service to be sure that your Intellectual Property stays protected.
  • Creativity – Take advantage of our insights and ideas for how to stand out among a budding ecosystem.
  • Professionalism – Consistent service, expert support, and transparent terms.
  • Value – Our entire offering will leave you completely satisfied.

What Client’s Say

“I am not exactly what you would call aesthetically inclined, so when Archer created my logos and website for me I was blown away.  Service and quality is second to none and would be happy to work with him again.”
Rob H., S.H. Coatings LP
“I’ve work closely with Archer on ChowVenture, he let me be a part of the design and really made me feel a part of the process.  Everything looked great!”
Claire W., ChowVenture